Ilchester® Vegan Melting Mature Saucy Ciabattas

makes 1

prep: 5 mins   cook: 10 mins



  • 20g Ilchester® Vegan Melting Mature
  • Ciabatta bread
  • Vegan Pesto
  • Tomato purée / Tomato sauce
  • Rocket leaves
  • Chili flakes

How to make

Take the ciabatta loaf, cut it in half and place both slices on a baking tray.

Cover the ciabatta with a thin layer of vegan pesto sauce, and another with tomato purée.

Lightly sprinkle the ciabattas with grated Ilchester® Vegan Melting Mature.

Place in the oven at 210 degrees for 8 minutes.

Take the ciabattas out of the oven and place sprinkle seasoning/herbs, rocket and chili flakes on the Ciabatta .

Replace in the oven for a further 2 minutes.

Take out of the oven and ENJOY! ?

Serve immediately!

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